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"At a time when everything from an otherwise unremarkable scientific report to a seemingly innocuous news item can be subject to intense scrutiny and mistrust, The Fracking Debate, a balanced guide to the contentious discussion on fracking, is a welcome resource."


“A deft, fair analysis that clarifies the issues for both the general public and concerned policy makers.”


Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"Read it. Rarely do books about essentially technical energy matters marshal arcane data and peer-reviewed research so digestibly."

-Petroleum Economist

"...the definitive book about fracking and the impact of the shale revolution...The Fracking Debate gives the reader a balanced and accessible look at the world of oil and gas development in the U.S., one which allows the reader to finally make sense of the issue."

-Failure Magazine

"The result is a meticulously researched, yet simplified and thoughtful book that lends a balanced tone to an expansive, complex and polarizing topic."

-Natural Gas Intelligence


“This fair and unbiased book, holistic in its range and robust in its depth, provides a nuanced but accessible understanding of the shale revolution.”


—Thomas B. Murphy, Pennsylvania State University


“Raimi’s book offers the most balanced, honest, and comprehensive account of fracking available, telling the story from all sides. Readers will appreciate the personal accounts from Raimi’s travels to far-flung oil fields coupled with in-depth yet accessible analysis of the science, regulations, and politics of the U.S. oil and gas boom.”


—Hannah Wiseman, Florida State University College of Law


“The Fracking Debate cuts through the thicket of questions and viewpoints surrounding the shale revolution with balanced evidence and insight delivered through engaging stories. It’s a refreshing ride—refreshing because you get the clear sense you are learning with the author as he seeks the truth about the shale boom.”


—Richard Newell, president and CEO, Resources for the Future


“The Fracking Debate is the most user-friendly resource on the key policy questions around hydraulic fracturing I have come across. Raimi tackles all of the hot-button topics surrounding fracking concisely and in plain language. This belongs on the bookshelf of every local elected official and state legislator who is grappling with hydraulic fracturing.”


—Matthew Lepore, director, Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission


“‘Fracking’ signifies a blessing or curse depending on who’s using it. In truth, it’s both. Raimi methodically explores the risks and rewards of a technical revolution that has made the United States the largest producer of oil and gas in the world once again. A thoughtful and accessible look at a highly contentious and generally misunderstood subject.”


—Mark S. Brownstein, Environmental Defense Fund

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